Enhancing The Customer Experience

The way that customers interact with brands is fundamentally changing, which is putting great pressure on companies to meet expectations. Used to interacting with the new generation of digital-first consumer companies, they expect the same, seamless experience with all companies they use. 
As David Ziltener, Head of Global Go-To-Market at Swiss Post Solutions describes, “customers are expecting much faster response times. If they’ve got to wait two or three days for an answer, then they may just move on or consider alternative options.” What’s more, premium service cannot be reserved only for high-value accounts, it has to be across the board. As Ziltener continues, “even customers that don’t spend a lot of money with you, if you give them bad customer service, they might reach a large social-media community, which can have a strong impact on your brand reputation.”
BPaaS can enable the kind of fast, accurate service that customers desire. Firstly, the platform can work with a range of customer inputs and turn it into structured data. At the moment this includes paper letters, faxes, email, social media and messaging services. But in the future this will also include voice recording, video and text pictures.

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Customers are expecting much faster response times. If they’ve got to wait two or three days for an answer, then they may just move on or consider alternative options

David Ziltener, Head of Global Go-To-Market at Swiss Post Solutions

Automated document capture and processing greatly reduces the time it takes for crucial information to get into back-office workflows. Once there, intelligent automation can help to improve both the quality and speed of processing. For example, automation technologies can be used to help validate insurance claims. Or, in the banking sector, AI could be used to check credit histories and approve consumer and business loans in record times. As Ziltener states, “we actually improve their processes and their back-office systems, which then leads to better customer satisfaction and customer experience.”
But automation can be used to improve front-office, customer-facing activities as well. By utilizing a hybrid BPaaS model to capture and process data there is the further potential to connect this to a company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. For example, even before a service agent talks to a customer, all relevant information on the actual customer case can be gathered and assembled from various systems and databases. Before it is routed to a human agent, a robot will have already automatically clarified open questions directly with the customer, allowing the service representative to come into the interaction at a later stage and provide better, more informed support. For simple cases, the query would be resolved without human intervention. It would only be in complex or exceptional situations that a human agent is involved. Processes like credit card applications and account openings, or cancelling a subscription for a mobile phone or digital service, could be handled by this type of model. Or a back-office employee tasked with finalizing an insurance claim could receive a report with suggested actions after a robot has processed a number of customer variables, such as claim data, proof of income, proof of payments and other documents. The result is a faster, more professional and more meaningful response for the customer.

Accelerate The Digital Journey With SPS

SPS’s BPaaS solutions combine global outsourcing capabilities, such as physical and digital input processing, data capture, classification and extraction with emerging technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), along with excellence in executing business processes in various industries and domains. These technologies are used to complement and enhance SPS’s global delivery structure, which includes onshore, near-shore and offshore practices. The result is an efficient, scalable and agile end-to-end model that combines the capabilities of BPaaS with the labor arbitrage advantages of traditional BPO services. In essence, companies can strike the balance between machine and manual labor in a way that maximizes cost and quality ratios.
SPS’s experience means it can offer its clients access to the leading services for some of the most critical business challenges they are facing, such as improving process efficiency and creating a dynamic, digital customer experience. They don’t have to make the technology choices alone and go through the process of implementation, maintenance, lifecycle management and integration – it is provided to them by a partner that relies on profound expertise and experience from a broad range of projects, established and proven technology partnerships and powerful platforms developed for the bespoke business needs of its customers. Also, SPS’s platform can be configured exactly for a company’s needs and will provide industry-specific patterns, creating a bespoke solution exactly suited for specific challenges and tasks.

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SPS’s platform can be configured exactly for a company’s needs and will provide industry-specific patterns

When it comes to automation, some companies opt to build-out their solutions themselves. This involves working with a number of different technology providers or systems integrators, each with responsibilities for different areas. However, such an approach can be difficult from an operational standpoint, as multiple partners have to be managed, while there can be conflicts around responsibility and liability. Moreover, it makes it challenging to create the efficient, end-to-end processes that link different parts of the process automation together, as there is no single partner taking overall end-to-end responsibility. This siloed approach can also cause disconnects when it comes to integrating global service centers so they work seamlessly alongside automation solutions.
By contrast, SPS builds its platforms by integrating best-in-breed technology across a range of areas and embedding it in a connected landscape of end-to-end processes that includes global workforce assets. The result is a solution that gets the best from technology, while maximizing the efficacy of existing outsourcing solutions.


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