Digital Mailroom

The successful management of documents and information begins with incoming mail, be it in physical or electronic format. Processing your mail efficiently is a complex task and one that our Digital Mailroom Solution is designed to manage.


The threat from emerging disruptors is compounding competitive pressures in the industry and claims processing is often described as the "moment of truth" within insurance business processes. With Intelligent Automation, insurers can achieve a 30% reduction in the total cost of the claims journey and a 50% reduction in manual tasks related to claims management. Improved customer satisfaction, easier two way communication, transparency and speed of claim settlement are just a few of the advantages.
The SPS approach doesn’t rely on replacing insurance company’s legacy technology, but instead gives insurers tools that allow them to be more agile and fulfill more of their client needs in a very short timeframe, with minimum changes required to existing systems.

Digital transformation is a journey and one that will take time. But there are areas that can be tackled immediately and will set the insurer up for future success.

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Right time, right place, right format

The Swiss Post Solutions Digital Mailroom deals with incoming data and documents. We can manage physical and digital mail, including email: items can be categorised, forwarded and distributed, comments can be added, and deliveries can be recorded at the click of a mouse. Your employees get all the information they need at the right time and place, and in the right format. At the same time, information is automatically transferred via specified interfaces into your existing workflow systems.

Your benefits

The Digital Mailroom Solution can be implemented at almost any scale, from a single department to a whole company, in a centralised or de-centralised model and across borders and geographic regions:

  • Improved reaction times in business operations. 
  • Reduction of manual tasks through use of Optical Character Recognition, Robotic Pocess Automation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile, location-based and flexible working models.
  • Collaberation on projects, documents and workflows.
  • Improved information security and compliance.
  • Lower overall costs (by reducing processing times).
  • Reduced archiving, duplication and internal post costs.
  • Lower emissions and waste.
  • Case Study

    Allianz Suisse Insurance

    Thanks to a clear digitisation strategy and pioneering customer communication Allianz Suisse is a leader in customer service.

    Read Case Study about Allianz Suisse Insurance Read Case Study

  • Case Study

    Zurich Insurance Group

    Learn how Zurich Insurance transformed process performance with Digital Mail.

    Read Case Study about Zurich Insurance Group Read Case Study

Voice of the customer

  • With Swiss Post Solutions we have more than 99% of documents digitally available for case management same day.

    CIO, Insurance company

  • The new centralised service and the use of Swiss Post Solutions’ Digital Mail solution has enabled a more streamlined process by reducing the number of parties handling the cheques and freed up the General Accounts Services team to undertake more specialist activity.

    General Accounting Services Team Leader, Zurich Insurance Group

  • Swiss Post Solutions offered the right combination of technology, mail expertise and understanding of the unique nature of an airport operating environment. Swiss Post Solutions were able to offer Emirates a solution that met our immediate requirements and provided opportunities for wider benefits.

    Vice President, Central Services, Emirates Group

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