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Documents are at the core of vital business processes such as customer management, marketing, finance and HR. Our document processing services’ optimise your document based business processes.

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Optimise Document Based Business Processes

Today's business processes require the rapid availability of Information, in an ever more international and inter-connected context. Swiss Post Solutions has developed its expertise in document processing services over many years and offers standardised and secure services in Europe, North America and Asia.


High expectations of Document Processing

The need for profitable growth is challenging oganisations to identify productivity and performance improvements that deliver process efficiency and improve employee effectiveness. This includes reviewing current processes, redesigning them to reduce manual processing, identifying how to exploit Intelligent Automation and deploying digital processes that integrate front and back-office functions to improve internal and external customer experience.

Your challenge is to:

  • Reduce execution and time-to-process, whilst ensuring process control.
  • Reduce complexity, standardise across company locations, automate processing and increase productivity.
  • Optimise availability and utilisation of critical skill sets.
  • Reduce legal and operational risk.
  • Ensure business continuity and long term stability of processes.
  • Reduce process cost.

Our experts deal with the challenges you face

Swiss Post Solutions has developed its expertise in Document Processing Services over many years. The processing systems are highly standardised, subject to ongoing development and continuous improvement and focused on helping our clients to deal with the challenges they face.

We use the latest technologies to process unstructured and structured data from your incoming physical and electronic documents, allowing us to deal with the following procedures:

  • Receive - acceptance and preparation of documents by mail or electronic media for scanning.
  • Scan – digitisation of documents with high-performance infrastructure.
  • Capture & Index – automatic and manual recognition, classification and indexing of documents.
  • Verify – against master data, using self-learning systems and business rules.
  • Execute – final processing of documents and data.
  • Save/transfer/archive – storage of the generated data and transfer to customer systems as required.

Our network of document processing service centres ensures global best practice and allows us to provide a high availability of capturing services around the clock, in up to 36 languages.

The benefits of document processing

Workflow systems make your internal working procedures more effective, reducing errors and completion times. Swiss Post Solutions enables you to develop the best strategies for your document processing requirements on a local or global basis. Our expertise gives you the benefit of:

  • Stable, secure and cost efficient business processes.
  • Improved service levels, with client control over processes and flexibility.
  • Next generation document processing automation.
  • Top quality fulfilment of complex tasks.
  • Access to a scalable document processing service platform, to manage fluctuating volumes and seasonality.
  • Minimised legal and operational risk, with full traceability and reporting.
  • Long term stable partner, focused on continuous improvement.
  • Long term cost reduction strategy.


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    The Co-operative Group

    Learn how a mutual retailer reduced on-site storage by 54% by implementing a digital mailroom.

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    Insurance Provider

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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    The work Swiss Post Solutions does for us ensures that our front line teams have immediate access to the information they need to help customers, and that directly impacts our reputation and success.

    ERS Insurance

  • testimonials

    The partnership with Swiss Post Solutions enables us to implement best practices for our clients, using key performance indicators and detailed reporting, and having rapid and up-to-date access to accurate invoice processing data will improve decision making for ELFS employees and enhance the service they provide to clients.

    Director, ELFS Shared Services

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