HR Services

We offer a range of reliable solutions for professional and intelligent HR document management based on the latest technology.

Transparency and optimised access to personnel data

One of the most paper-heavy departments is often HR where contracts, certificates, notices and other legally relevant documents need to be filed and kept secure. Such documents are subject to stringent data protection regulations. Implementing flexible yet secure management processes that conform to the relevant data protection standards is costly, time-consuming and easily flawed. The solution: Digitisation of documents. Electronic documents can be properly protected with access control mechanisms, make archiving easy and ensure transparency. We offer you tailor-made professional services such as for the management and digitising of all documents within your company.

Focus on your core competences

Outsource the following tasks to us:

  • Handling of incoming HR documents in physical and digital format
  • Sorting and preparation of documents for digitisation
  • Production of digitised files in a common format
  • Data input and cataloguing with OCR and manual editing
  • Complete case handing (optional)
  • Transfer of document to your existing IT systems
  • Archiving and document destruction according to data protection regulations
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