Intelligent Automation and SPS

At SPS we strategically utilize Intelligent Automation to enhance your business processes and boost your customer experience. With a focused application of software, our services are able to turn unstructured data, embedded in documents like emails and other digital communication, into structured data. We use AI to extract critical information such as customer and transaction IDs, and transactional data such as payment amounts. More than that, we can also extract a customer’s intent and even sentiment, encoding it all into a structured format to help drive automated decision-making processes.
This data feeds process automation systems that handle over 160 different business cases. Approximately 80% of processes can be automated. For exceptions or those documents that require manual intervention, we also provide expert teams in onshore or offshore locations. Trained in specific business processes, they add further efficiency and robustness to the system, handling documents at industry-leading turnaround times, with service level agreements (SLAs) down to 22 seconds in some cases.

SPS’s Intelligent Automation process

IA is the bridge between a growing flood of unstructured customer input and back-end processes that need structured, clear inputs to process it. Thanks to a tight integration of leading technologies, companies can use SPS’s services to process documents faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

An international transport company was able to cut its transaction costs by 74% thanks to an IA solution that enabled it to process 12,000 invoices in over 40 languages each day.7 Another global organization was struggling to cope with the 1.4 million travel expense claims it received each year from employees. By using Intelligent Automation, SPS was able to reduce the processing time from 30 days to two days.

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SPS has years of experience implementing such solutions and solving problems for a wide variety of companies. We constantly refine our procedures to understand our clients’ business challenges, and tailor solutions to meet them. In the drive to improve service and increase customer retention rates, technology-enabled services have become a critical success factor.
To find out more about Intelligent Automation and its potential for your business, speak to an expert at SPS


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