Banks operate in a market environment characterised by increasing regulatory demands, ever fiercer competition and greater pressures on profitability. They also need to be up to speed with digital technologies and mobile communications, to address the demands of their customers.

Delivering the digital bank

To achieve their digital strategy Retail and Commercial Banks have identified the following issues that need to be addressed:
  • Improving customer service and experience
  • Improving process performance and reducing costs
  • Ensuring compliance with an evolving regulatory landscape
  • Responding to new market entrants
  • Reviewing and updating their use of technology
The operational initiatives identified to address these issues include:
  • Improving customer experience applications and/or implementing digital services that impact customer experience
  • Reducing the amount of manual intervention in processes and increasing standardization
  • Reducing processing costs through the use of automation, such as for Customer Onboarding, Master Data Maintenance, Payments, Securities or Credit Processing
  • Greater visibility of process data to improve decision making and ensure regulatory compliance
It is in response to these issues and initiatives Swiss Post Solutions provides a suite of Business Process Services that span the Banking End-to-End Value Chain. With over 20 years’ experience in delivering services that improve the performance of business processes, we support our more than 60 Banking clients worldwide with solutions to manage the transition from paper to digital processes, unstructured to structured data and manual to automated processes.

Banking Services

Our experience in managing banking processes includes solutions delivered for the  following processes:
  • Customer On-boarding – validation of account opening forms and legal/compliance requirements, video identification services and the capture and verification of customer details within core banking systems
  • Master Data Maintenance – capture and verification of all customer, account, market or security data (e.g. address changes, tax relevant customer data, power of attorney requests)
  • Payments Processing – the scanning and data extraction from physical documents, exception & reject handling of transactions, validation of processing and compliance tasks and authorization of processing in back-office systems, in compliance with local regulations, i.e. BaFin, FINMA
  • Securities Processing – validation of investment funds orders, capture and verification of relevant information in back-office systems and authorization of order settlement with counterpart and booking
  • Credit Processing – End-to-End processing of credit and credit card applications, including automated data capture of forms, within a PCI-DSS compliant environment, automated data validation against business rules and online credit check for applicant data
  • Customer Care Management – Processing and automated classification, of unstructured and structured  information, with Artificial Intelligence applied to incoming customer communication across physical and digital channels
  • Finance and Administration – through Automated Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable solutions, that turn the time-consuming, manual tasks of accounting into intelligent, automated processes, with real time information
  • Human Resources – improved employee communication and experience through the electronic delivery of salary statements (ePayslip), travel expense management and reporting, assignment of services, etc.
  • Digital Mailroom Services – for the management of a physical and digital mailroom, through on- and off-site service delivery models
  • Output Management Services - document output services to deliver business documents and communications to your customers according to their preferences, including transactional print and E-Delivery

Our secure, stable and scalable processing centers are equipped with both the technical resources and the personnel for the quality-assured processing of physical and electronic information. If you prefer to keep these services, and digitization projects in-house, Swiss Post Solutions offers services on-site. Whether off-site or on-site, you benefit from our ISO-certified quality and security standards for all the processes we perform on your behalf.

Secure processes and substantial savings

Swiss Post Solutions has vast experience in Business Process Outsourcing in the banking industry.
  • In Europe 50% of the largest 20 banks utilize our Mailroom, Business Process and Document Output services
  • In Switzerland we provide transactional print services to more than 45 banks
  • We provide our services to 35% of the worlds largest 50 banks
  • We have implemented Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, to manage tasks such as automated address changes, automation of credit card settlements, back-office system integration and email classification and automated response for Customer Care
The partnership between with our Banking clients has resulted in us being able to jointly:
  • Identity and implement process improvement initiatives
  • Reduce process costs
  • Shape and influence the digital transformation journey
  • Improve process execution & customer experience
  • Standardize processes and reduce risks
  • Reduce manual tasks and automate processes
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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    Consequent outsourcing and broad cooperation with Swiss Post Solutions have led to significant improvement of our Cost-Income-Rate over the last years.

    COO, European Bank

  • testimonials

    Through the cooperation with Swiss Post Solutions we have been able to increase our competitiveness. We are “fit for the future” and can focus on the professional delivery of services in our core business thanks to the new and lean production processes.

    Head of Risk & Document Managment, Financial Services

  • testimonials

    We had a clear need to update our approach to storing and accessing correspondence and an aim to make processes quicker to deliver an enhanced service to our customers.

    Payments Lead Operations Manager & BACB Business Partner, The Co-operative Bank

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