Digital Transformation for the NHS

Helping NHS Trusts meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s digital goals.

Practical solutions for the healthcare industry

Every day the NHS sends out millions of communications and accesses 100,000’s of patient records. These tasks are essential to the core activity of a hospital in caring for patients and they directly impact the patient experience. However, it’s a workload that strains already stretched resources and budgets.
A growing population, over stretched staff and budgets, legacy processes and new legislation are combining to create a perfect storm for NHS Trusts. With goals to digitise patient records by 2020, deliver £22billion efficiency improvements and increase productivity, the challenge comes from the scale and complexity of the task and the specialist skills and resources required to meet the deadline and quality standards.

Digital Transformation is at the forefront of modernising the NHS

We provide the only end-to-end solution in the industry that offers expert management of physical and digital documents and records in a secure, compliant and efficient manner. Our tried and tested solutions help NHS Trusts manage document processes by applying technology and process expertise. 
So whether you are at the start of your journey to become a digital hospital, or are already on the road to success, we provide a bespoke solution that supports NHS Trusts, wherever they are on their digital journey. These include:
  • Medical Records Management
  • Digital Patient Records
  • Mailroom Management
  • Non-Clinical Document Management
  • Postal Tariff Management
  • Hybrid Mail

Helping keep patient care at the heart of the NHS

Our Solution helps Trusts keep patient care at the heart of what they do. We provide practical and flexible solutions to operational pressure points, ensuring document processes support the Trust in their primary goal. Our solutions address both costs and efficiency, helping Trusts meet both day-to-day challenges and strategic, transformational goals.
The benefits include:
  • Reduced back office costs – more to invest in front line services and patient care
  • Reduced operational costs through automation
  • Faster clinical decision making through faster access to information
  • Patient centric records management across physical and digital
  • Ensuring Trusts meet paperless 2020 objectives
  • Secure, resilient, sustainable solutions

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