Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation enables organisations to achieve significant improvements in business process performance, by leveraging Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence in their document management and business process workflows.

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Automation for the next generation of process improvements

Intelligent Automation is delivering productivity enhancements of unsurpassed quality to organisations through the unprecedented automation of processes. Advancements in Robotics Processing and Artificial Intelligence are paving the way for our clients to meet the demands of their customers, while improving profitability and increasing market share. Intelligent Automation does not require transformation of IT landscape. For organisations seeking to gain a sizeable competitive advantage, Intelligent Automation is the perfect solution.

Reimagine your business processes

The use of Intelligent Automation allows Swiss Post Solutions to combine established outsourcing capabilities like scanning, optical character recognition, data capture and extraction, together with offshoring capabilities, and incorporate Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence technologies into the solution.

Intelligent Automation is applied within a wide range of industries like Banking, Insurance or Healthcare and is particularly effective with tasks that are high volume, repetitive and time consuming, in addition to being time-critical and seasonal. The deployment of Intelligent Automation improves process performance, providing consistent and error-free results. It also processes structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, such as customer e-mails and correspondence, leading to higher levels of productivity and speed. Intelligent Automation helps you to streamline processes and handle high volumes or peak periods, and is configured to run on existing IT infrastructure.

in four steps to your Intelligent Automation Solution

To provide our clients with the best-fit Intelligent Automation solution, Swiss Post Solutions follows these four steps:

  • Automation Assessment: evaluation of technical feasibility including high level business case.
  • Solution Concept: detailed analysis of business case and automation concept.
  • Configuration: setting and testing. 
  • Operation: solution deployment and operational management.


Your advantages

Intelligent Automation embraces new technologies, taking business processes to the next level. Organisations deploying Intelligent Automation solutions benefit from far more than cost optimisation:

  • Increased operational agility - Intelligent Automation allows complete and unconstrained scalability.
  • Consistent high quality output - errors are reduced and processing is performed correctly the first time.
  • Customer driven approach - speed and flexibility enable improved customer service when applying to client-oriented processes.
  • Process and service optimisation - systems work 24/7/365 and absorb high volume.
  • Data protection - solution location is flexible, making it possible to retain data in the respective country or office.
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    Intelligent Automation in Banking

    Learn how a retail bank improved debt collection using Robotic Process Automation.

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  • Case Study

    Insurance Group

    Learn how the use of robotic automation reduces the processing of manual tasks by 50%.

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