Case Study

Customer Service Management

  • Challenge

    Our client receives thousands of emails every day, in 18 categories, which all arrive in the same mailbox. Employing 100 agents to process the email inquiries, each of them spend about one hour daily to categorise the inbound emails.

    The client identified that the error rate in their email categorisation system was too high and this was having an adverse affect on their customer satisfaction levels. As the number of inbound emails is continuously increasing, the client needed a solution to improve their email categorisation.

  • Solution

    Artificial Intelligence implemented by Swiss Post Solutions reads and understands the emails, automatically categorises them and extracts key data. The solution then applies robotic process automation to ensure that the data extracted from the emails is recorded in the correct back-office system, to respond automatically to email inquiries and to forward outstanding customer inquiries to the responsible business unit. If the solution identifies a customer inquiry it does not understand, the system transfers the request to an agent and learns from this for future reference.

  • Benefits

    Intelligent Automation delivers the following advantages:

    • A process supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) results in faster response times, enhancing customer service.
    • No configuration of legacy systems is necessary with the use of RPA.
    • Continuous improvement through self-learning capability.
    • The system can be extended to support alternative communications channels.
    • Reducing the need for seasonal workers.

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