Case Study

Investment company

  • Challenge

    The company realized as far back as the early nineties that using a specialized service provider to carry out order processing is more efficient than doing it in-house. Since 1994, various types of customer orders have been entered into the online system by SPS' employees. All types of transactions related to the opening and maintenance of deposit accounts and bond transactions are processed. Due to value-based pricing, the overall economic efficiency has improved. 

  • Solution

    The co-operation started with the recording of various documents which were handed over to SPS employees after being scanned. Regular training has ensured a constantly increasing expertise in financial markets and rising competence in processing, and now various documents are not only keyed in, but processed and approved, which results in the complete final processing of transactions.

    In September 2013, SPS began reading incoming mail. SPS employees read the files, separate the documents if required and distribute them to the respective processing basket. Of more than 30 processing baskets, a significant number are processed by SPS staff.

  • Benefit

    Fast response times:  Depending on the time of day, account openings and transactions have to be processed within 30, 60 or 90 minutes by SPS staff. This enhances customer satisfaction and financal success - The faster a new account is activated, the earlier the money rolls in, the higher the related profit from interest.

    High flexibility:  In the past, additional resources had to be provided in peak periods which led to increased overheads and additional costs. This is now solved as SPS delivers the service 365 days a year, according to the defined SLAs.

    Highest security standards: All legal security standards and BAFIN requirements are met by SPS. Therefore Customer data is as secure with SPS as it is with the customer. 

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