Transforming the customer service experience in the health insurer industry


The benefits of SPS’ customer service administrative support

SPS has been supporting the client, a large German health insurance provider, in the area of telephone and administrative support since 2001. SPS established itself as a reliable and valued business partner. In 2019, SPS once again successfully prevailed over other bidders to secure a Europe-wide contract that posed new, major challenges. The company's previous services were not simply extended; SPS was entrusted with the additional strategically important task of conducting large-scale customer satisfaction analyses (NPS analyses). These analyses would form the basis for a complete reorientation to improve the customer experience.

About the customer

The client is one of the largest health insurance companies in Germany. It operates service centres in almost all major cities and offers advisor support to those insured via a 24-hour hotline. The modern health insurer's 10,000 employees serve around six million people. Quality is the client's top priority, as regularly confirmed by numerous customer barometers. This applies both to its range of products and services and to its expectations of service providers and contractual partners.

SPS, experts in the customer service industry

SPS employees have been responsible for supporting this German health insurance customer service experience since 2001, in the area of telephone and administrative support. Be it welcome calls for new customers or support calls for existing customers, wherever telephone services can be sensibly outsourced, SPS eases the burden on the client's core organization and ensures that tasks are handled economically. SPS employees therefore provide telephone support to the head office, process emails, carry out customer surveys, and take care of the necessary data management. SPS is also actively involved in after-call processing and sends out various information after calls. Proven benefits of customer service outsourcing include:
  • Staff deployment can be scaled at any time to meet the client's requirements
  • SPS carries out outbound calls even in the evening
  • The use of professional service teams from SPS not only significantly reduces the client's staffing levels
  • Round-the-clock customer service ability

Making the customer service experience even better

In 2019, in addition to its existing services, SPS won a contract to carry out large-scale customer satisfaction surveys using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) method, through which the health insurer aims to further optimize its customer service. The following procedure is therefore being followed:
1. After the first customer call where the insured person has contacted the health insurer on their own initiative, SPS receives the customer's data for NPS analysis.
2. Within a maximum of three days, the insured person is interviewed over the phone by an SPS employee about their experience during the initial call. A scale from 0 (unlikely) to 10 (very likely) is used to determine how likely it is that the respondent will recommend the insurance company to others. Only those who answer with a 9 or 10 are considered to be promoters or recommenders. In the case of lower scores, employees of the client follow up to find out the main reason for the weak rating and discuss measures with their own teams.
3. Permission for a further telephone call is also obtained, and the result is forwarded directly and securely to the employee responsible via a specially developed tool.
4. They contact the customer again, ascertain the reasons for their evaluation and document the customer's feedback.
5. The results are aggregated, analyzed and evaluated together in the teams. These analyses offer considerable potential for optimization, as they point to systemic issues that can be eliminated through targeted measures

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“SPS understood exactly what we wanted and is now working to help us achieve our goals. Our work together is highly collaborative. SPS is making a huge contribution to improving our processes over the long term.”

SPS's Client

The road to customer service champion

Carrying out analyses is a strategically valuable task for satisfaction analyses on behalf of the health insurer, which would be difficult to accomplish using its own resources.
Through the insurer's cooperation with SPS, its core organization is not burdened with conducting surveys, while unit cost accounting is economically advantageous for the company.  Thanks to SPS' state-of-the-art technology, used for customer surveys can handle large call volumes particularly efficiently.
In addition to the implementation of surveys, the health insurer benefits from SPS' assistance because, as an independent third-party company, they provide sufficient distance from those who are insured to provide honest answers. Since the collected data is fed back to the health insurer unfiltered, it provides the insurance company with extremely valuable information about certain weaknesses and suggestions for improvement have been consistently implemented.
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