A case study of document processing automation in a large US-based insurance company


About the customer

The client is one of the largest life insurance companies in the US, which has multiple business units representing the different programs offered to the market (including coverage for Life, Disability, Dental & Retirement).
The company's documents (15 types of transactions) were processed by a hybrid of in-house and outsourced operations, in multiple locations across the United States, with inconsistent practises that varied across units. This insurance company required a leading provider of business processes outsourcing for document management to deliver, where they had identified the need to centralize operations to enable the standardisation of crucial processes, optimise costs and to find the best-fit OCR technologies.

The Challenge

Decentralized, inconsistent and labor-intensive, manual processing of critical documents

The company’s documents were processed at four different locations around the United States with inconsistent practices that varied across each operation. These operations were managed either in-house or they were completely outsourced to a long-time document processing vendor. The client identified two goals they wanted to achieve:
  • Streamline and optimize costs of operations associated with the correspondence generated by the various lines of business.
  • Incorporate centralization, standardization, best-fit OCR technologies and robust on- and off-shore capabilities into their operations.

The Solution

The client partnered with SPS, where SPS proposed a custom-built centralized solution for imaging, indexing and business process management services, using our state-of-the-art document processing centers in the US and Vietnam. It also included a robust Business Continuity Program with a back-up site fully prepared to handle the work in the event of an unplanned disruption (natural disaster, etc.)
The solution was designed to:
  • Increase flexibility and improve capacity management to manage volume fluctuations.
  • Improve speed of access to information, reducing claims processing times.
  • Support migration from physical to digital channels across inbound and outbound document logistics.
  • Integrate on-, near-, and off-shore service delivery.
  • The solution incorporated protocols to handle the client’s 15 types of transactions, with documents digitized in the US and securely processed the same night in Vietnam, fully leveraging the 11-hour time difference between the two countries.

The Benefits

SPS launched the solution for one line of the client‘s business, then gradually transitioned additional lines to ensure a risk-free implementation with no disruption to the business or service to their customers. SPS’ solution has allowed the client to:
  • Reduced turnaround time - faster access to information for clients
  • Consistency and quality improvement
  • Compliance policies implemented
  • Replication of solution for multiple lines of business
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