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Business Process Management Cases for the Oil Industry

By outsourcing the entire Prepaid Card management to Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) as program manager, Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH has been able to significantly optimize its Shell Prepaid Card program (petrol voucher card).
SPS had taken charge of the Prepaid Card processes for order management within the framework of a preliminary phase, thus laying the foundation for the total responsibility for end-to-end development of the entire Prepaid Card system.

About Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH

Shell has been represented in Germany since 1902. Today, around 3,600 employees ensure over 1 million motorists every day can refuel their vehicles at a Shell gas station in Germany. Airlines are being supplied with aviation fuels, shipping companies with marine lubricants, and industrial customers, for example, with petrochemicals or natural gas.
The business is bundled in Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH, based in Hamburg.

The Challenge

Shell was looking for a suitable partner for end-to-end Prepaid Card Management and intended to remain responsible as the issuer of the cards.

Lack of Expertise and Knowledge

In addition to a high degree of process automation, ensuring efficient processing, and a market-oriented range of services, it was above all essential that the partner had extensive knowledge of the prepaid card business and the corresponding process chains.

Multi-level Goals

In this way, the development of the Shell Prepaid Card was to be significantly advanced and consolidated in line with the company’s policies. In the continuation of  the further development of its Prepaid Card program, Shell was pursuing objectives on different levels:
  • Stronger leverage of the B2B, B2C, and B2B2C distribution channels
  • Increased flexibility in the implementation of individual client requirements
  • Expansion of sales into new channels
  • Improved efficiency in the end-to-end process design

The Solution

End-to-end Prepaid Card Management

On behalf of Shell, SPS was made responsible for the holistic prepaid card management and all services for the further development of the Shell Prepaid Card successfully and reliably.

Comprehensive Program Management

SPS guaranteed Shell a full-service package for its Prepaid Card program.
In cooperation with a designated contact, SPS is now not only taking care of strategic further development operations but also the overall coordination and control of services related to:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Order Handling
  • Transaction Management
  • Card Production
  • Fulfillment and Customer Service

Efficient IT solution

SPS optimized existing systems and processes, and for this purpose introduced a new and efficient IT solution for Prepaid Card management in close cooperation with Shell. This had the aim to not only increase the degree of automation but also process reliably.

Optimized Order Management

SPS is now responsible for all order management activities:
  • To enter and process the orders
  • To oversee payment processing procedures
  • To monitor and conduct the entire card activation process – according to the client group
  • To take care of reporting

Complete card production and fulfillment

SPS takes care of all services related to prepaid card production and fulfillment, including:
  • Production of blank cards
  • Printing of correspondence and serial letters
  • Personalization of the cards
  • SPS also ensures appropriate packaging and shipment to the B2B and B2C clients.

Increased Prepaid Card sales through targeted Sales & Marketing

SPS serves all relevant distribution B2B and B2C channels: online through a webshop, offline by fax, letter, telephone, or field staff. In this connection, SPS develops individual marketing concepts for Shell to increase sales.

The Benefits

Professional Prepaid Card Management and Program Expansion

As program manager, SPS takes care of the entire Prepaid Card Management operation.
Shell benefits from SPS’ many years of experience and from the savings gained through optimized workflows in the entire process.
  • The extensive knowledge and experience of SPS in the cards business and related process chains allow the highest level of efficiency achievement for Shell.
  • With a multi-faceted range of services (program and order management, card production, fulfillment, IT solutions, sales & marketing competence), SPS offers Shell a very flexible service model.
  • Shell has been completely relieved of program management as SPS has assumed end-to-end control in cooperation with a central contact (SPOC), thus ensuring professional project management.
  • For Shell SPS are a reliable partner, promoting the further development of the Prepaid Card program and ensuring its success.
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