Case Study

Investment Banking Division

  • Challenge

    The client’s Investment Banking Division (IBD) wanted to alleviate the management burden (i.e. HR processes and benefits) on employees with administrative positions. As a result, they decided to outsource. They have never outsourced these positions before and wanted to find an outsourcing partner that could:
    • Create cost savings
    • Bring peace of mind in regard to HR processe
  • Solution

    After a thorough analysis of the operation, SPS recommended a front office solution that optimized resources in the areas of Reception, Front Desk, Concierge and Administrative support. Upon selection as their outsourcing solutions partner, SPS implemented these solutions with a staff of 29 employees to support the client’s IBD office services needs.
  • Benefits

    SPS has proven to be a flexible outsourcing partner by making recommendations throughout the life of the contract. Most recently, SPS was awarded the client’s Conference Room Booking, Help Desk and Switchboard operations as their provider of choice. Today SPS provides 49 employees to help support various divisions of the client. The improvements made by SPS have resulted in cost savings of over $500,000 to the client.


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