Case Study

Generali Group Switzerland

  • Challenge

    Modern business operations require the rapid availability of information in an increasingly international and networked context and involve processes that are standardised worldwide. Thousands of documents are processed every day in Nyon and Adliswil, Generali Switzerland’s main locations. Nearly a million customers communicate with the insurance provider via email, post or fax, resulting in an urgent need for a central system for managing all these documents.
  • Solution

    Incoming post such as requests, claims, address changes and invoices are received and sorted by type in the two central mailrooms. After being successfully sorted, the documents are scanned and then electronically classified according to document type. Insurance numbers and other relevant information are selected and directly transferred into Generali’s workflow. All incoming post is thus digitalised on a daily basis and made available for further processing.
  • Benefits

    The benefits of the implemented solution are:

    • Manual tasks and response times to customer requests have been optimized
    • Ongoing optimisation of digital transformation
    • SPS as experienced partner in document management
    • SPS will find many opportunities for innovation

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