Case Study

Insurance Company

  • Challenge

    This client, a Fortune 100 company and a mutual life insurance company made a decision to digitise and index their paper-based loan applications. Without the internal expertise to manage a project of this size and scope, the organisation was faced with the option of hiring people or finding a solutions provider. After weighing the risks and benefits associated with each option, they ultimately opted to outsource the project at their location.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions designed and implemented a solution that included:
    • Migration of paper loan documents to a digital platform
    • Utilization of client’s database information to cross reference and auto populate existing information into the new platform
    • Robust search capabilities, incorporating indexing methodology
    • Authorized access for users with special password protection for confidential records
    • A single-format exporting process that was agreed upon by users

  • Benefits

    Swiss Post Solutions document management solution significantly enhanced the protection and integrity of the client’s information assets as follows:

    • Established a program that supports the client’s Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Eliminated the loss or misplacement of critically important records
    • Reduced storage space by as much as 80%
    • Expedited document search time – requests for documents are now processed in a matter of seconds

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