Case Study

Intelligent Automation in Banking

  • Challenge

    Our client maintains a list of customers who have neglected to pay their credit card bills and this list is processed manually, at regular intervals, by a back-office team. This team debits the open amount from the customer account, observing a complex process and using various systems. However, due to the available credit in these accounts the number of unpaid bills is high and this increases the bank's administrative tasks and costs.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions implemented a solution that uses Robotic Process Automation to process and manage the customer list. The robots regularly screen the status of customer accounts in question identifying account balances, thus enabling collection cases to be processed efficiently and successfully. The robot carries out the process almost in real time, across multiple systems, in observance of all of the necessary business rules and can, in a future step, block the card, forward the case to a member of staff or even debit the due amount.

  • Benefits

    The advantages of Intelligent Automation include:

    • Nearly 100% of the possible settlements are successfully processed compared to 40% without RPA.
    • By applying RPA the bank’s collection process is optimized with the customers data remaining in Switzerland.
    • No configuration in the legacy system necessary and data accuracy improved.
    • Reduction of repetitive, manual tasks, allowing the employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

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