Case Study

Transport company - Stena Line

  • Challenge

    Stena Line Freight is the freight division of Stena Line, an international transport and travel service company and one of the world’s largest ferry operators. As a result of growing customer shipment orders and associated paperwork, Stena Line had become increasingly aware of the significant time, cost and environmental benefits that would be realised through the introduction of electronic billing.

  • Solution

    The E-Billing service delivers 84% of Stena Line’s customer bills electronically and has dramatically enhanced customer service.

    During a two week trial Stena Line asked their customers if they would prefer to receive their bills electronically - not one trial customer reverted back to paper billing. Within 12 months of launching the service, Stena Line were enjoying a 46% take-up rate across their customer base.

  • Benefits

    Stena Line’s savings have increased year-on-year in proportion with customer uptake. Stena Line has benefited from:

    • Direct savings on printing, stationary, postage and labour.
    • Reduction in customer queries and copy invoice requests through self-service functionality.
    • Greater job satisfaction and productivity in the finance team.
    • Greater service reliability with reduced exposure to risk.

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