Case Study

Leading motor vehicle insurer

  • Challenge

    This leading motor vehicle insurer for insurance policies receives over 2000 customer e-mails daily belonging to forty different categories. These e-mails contain attachments in various file formats, e.g. court judgments or police reports. The insurer’s old solution used OCR, with 30-40% of incoming e-mails being categorized correctly. The fact that customer communication via the e-mail channel is steadily increasing has awakened the insurer to the requirement for a new and powerful solution.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions implements an intelligent system that reads, understands, and categorizes incoming e-mails. If the system stumbles on an e-mail that it does not understand, the e-mail is handed over to a member of staff. The system observes how the member of staff handles the email and learns from it for future e-mail queries. In this way, the system’s knowledge is kept up-to-date on an ongoing basis without the system needing to be reconfigured.

  • Benefits

    • The system does not need to be reconfigured if the format of the documents change
    • The introduction of the intelligent system allows the insurer to analyze the data of incoming claims
    • The system is trained and the number of correct automated e-mails rises steadily
    • After the first seven weeks in operation, 68% of all e-mails were categorized correctly
    • Process costs are optimized by 70%

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