Case Study

London Borough of Lambeth

  • Challenge

    The London Borough of Lambeth is one of the largest in London. Budget cuts mean that they need to find back-office efficiencies to fund front line spending. The Borough’s Chief Executive challenged his team to find savings without impacting quality, through innovation and smarter service delivery. The Planning Department sends out manually 16,000 multiple page packs each month, in response to planning applications. This impacts on the productivity of the planning team and results in high postage and printing costs.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) Hybrid Mail is a simple to use and easy to implement web based solution, with a desktop print driver that routes distributed print and mail to a central production facility. Users simply select the option on their print menu and print is carried out by SPS according to pre-set templates. Letters are auto-inserted, sorted and consolidated with other outgoing mail to qualify for Downstream Access postal discounts. Management reporting includes a full audit trail for each item and an indexed digital file is provided of all outgoing mail.

  • Benefit

    Lambeth has benefited from:

    • Multi-layer cost savings, with more than 20% saved on postage and reduced cost per print.
    • A 40–50% reduction in carbon impact.
    • A 30% increase in capacity in the planning team - to spend on core tasks.
    • Access to a central file of communications, resulting in more efficient query handling.
    • Management information that provides visibility, monitoring and an audit trail of the process.

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