Case Study

Mailroom Outsourcing for a Swiss Bank

  • Challenge

    This credit bank outsourced its mailroom operation to Swiss Post Solutions to improve the document processing efficiency of its credit card and consumer loan business. The service, which had previously been outsourced, has specific requirements in regard to how, when and in what quality documents submitted to the bank are processed.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions developed a plan for the digitisation of the bank’s internal document transfer. The solution significantly improved the speed of the downstream business processing activities, includes the digitisation of all the necessary documents and provides the data to the bank's systems. As a result of the benefits delivered in the initial project, the bank has outsourced additional document processing tasks to Swiss Post Solutions, increasing the capacity of the administration departments to concentrate on higher-value tasks and decision-making.

  • Benefits

    The benefits to the client include:

    • Reduction of staff costs by 30%.
    • Achieving full transparency and adherence to their internal service levels.
    • Optimize their incoming mail flows – 75% of incoming mailing is automatically captured and assigned electronically

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