Case Study

Office Services for Legal Services Industry

  • Challenge

    This leading global law firm was experiencing inconsistent service levels across multiple locations. Office services were provided by a combination of outside vendors and in-house operations. This created challenges including:

    • Service inconsistency, leading to a disjointed user experience
    • Administrative burden on the firm and a lack of innovation
    • Difficulty in managing costs as reporting was not integrated
  • Solution

    The firm selected SPS, due to its legal service expertise, to provide additional service lines and expand its footprint to additional locations. SPS' ability to design a custom solution included:

    • Highly-trained talent and enhanced service quality
    • Standardized processes and technology
    • Integrated reporting
    • Service Level Agreements to ensure quality and performance
    • Process optimization and cost savings
  • Benefits

    The comprehensive, proven solution provided multiple benefits to the firm, including:

    • A customized solution that provided cost savings and improved service levels
    • Enhanced quality of Hospitality and Office Services
    • Standardization of services across locations
    • Integrated tracking and reporting
    • Continuous improvement and innovation

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