Case Study

Office Services for Media Sector

  • Challenge

    One of the world’s largest communications groups found its mail and office services operations were inefficient:

    • The operation was top heavy with many redundant layers.
    • Support functions worked independently of one another, which led to confusion among end-users.
    • There was unnecessary spending on overtime and temporary help.

    It set out to find a trusted partner to address each of these issues while improving end-user satisfaction.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions addressed the inefficiencies by:

    • Streamlining Processes – implemented and measured standardised procedures.
    • Redeploying Tasks – cross-trained site employees on multiple functions.
    • Improving Customer Service – placed highly trained customer service oriented staff at the client locations to ensure client satisfaction.
    • Reducing Costs – provided an analysis of the client's operations, recommending how to deliver cost savings.
  • Benefits

    The client benefits included:

    • Measurably increased levels of customer service for the end-users.
    • Significantly reduced costs.
    • Expanded the relationship with the company throughout the US, ensuring standardised processes and consistent service levels companywide.

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