Case Study

Railway Company

  • Challenge

    As part of its digital transformation project, Deutsche Bahn (DB) reviewed its communication processes to identify where digital transformation would be most cost-effective for the company and at the same time more convenient for recipients. The focus soon fell on the monthly payroll.

    For the system to work and to conform to legislation, staff must be given the option to decide on the channel through which they want to receive their payslip (printed or digital). In addition, the employer must be able to guarantee that the e-mail is completely secure, using proper encryption.

  • Solution

    Our solution met the requirements of Deutsche Bahn. Pay-related data of the employees is transferred to Swiss Post Solutions, whose portal-solution leaves the decision to the employees:

    • Employees who wish to receive their documents by encrypted e-mail must opt in and register for this new service. Staff members can choose any e-mail account they have access to.
    • For employees who prefer to receive their documents as before, a standard process has been implemented for printing and mailing.
  • Benefit

    Benefits for employer:

    • Reduced printing and postage costs.
    • No need for integration to existing IT systems.
    • Full compliance with data protection and IT security regulations.

    Benefits for employees:

    • Payslip arrives earlier in private e-mail address.
    • Documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
    • Staff can choose their communication channel.

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