Case Study

Regional Hospital

  • Challenge

    As a result of major renovation work, this regional Swiss Hospital had to rapidly dismantle the physical archive of its rheumatology department. To solve the space problem and support the electronic archiving processes, the hospital tested the digitisation of the files in question. For the implementation the hospital chose to outsource to a supplier who demonstrated the required experience and available infrastructure.

  • Solution

    With the tailor-made service package from Swiss Post Solutions, the client had access to the required staff and infrastructure available for this time-critical digitisation project.

    Thanks to the exemplary cooperation with the hospital, the project was delivered as specified. The physical archive scanned in time and approximately 15,000 medical records were available in the desired data format within six weeks.

  • Benefits

    Outsourcing this project to Swiss Post Solutions was worthwhile in every respect and the initial concerns of the doctors were dispelled. The digitally archived medical records of rheumatology are available on-demand and the feedback on the remote access and the searchable PDF/A files is extremely positive.

    The hospitals satisfaction with the implementation of the project and the associated process optimisation for storing, managing and exchanging information is so high that this digitisation project is being used as «best practice» for other departments.

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