Case Study

Swiss Bank - Front to Back Office Automation

  • Challenge

    Banking processes in the highly regulated Swiss financial services industry require numerous controls such as signature verifications and credit-rating checks. Traditionally, the bank scanned and archived the resulting documentation at the end of the process, making it difficult for staff to address customer queries immediately.

    The need for digitization, cost reductions, and faster customer services in the banking industry led the bank to choose Swiss Post Solutions as its document management partner.


  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions revolutionizes the bank’s operations by scanning 40 million incoming documentation per year at the beginning of the process.

    The solution reads the data correctly from various scanned documents, such as new account requests, and automatically forwards them to the bank’s computer systems for further internal processing. In addition to servicing clients, the solution also handles all documentation and correspondence from external partners and suppliers.


  • Benefit

    40  Mio. documents processed annually - One of the largest solution in Switzerland with SLA's guaranteed.

    24/7 Document Availability - Immediate and anywhere availability of up-to-date data enhances employee efficiency.

    100% regulatory compliance - Maximum security and full compliance with the strict financial industry, government, and data protection legislations.

    Significant cost reduction - through economies of scale and gained business agility by moving fixed to variable costs.


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