Case Study

The Co-operative Bank

  • Challenge

    The Co-operative Bank had been operating a microfilm system for recording and storing customer and branch correspondence. The desire to enhance the speed of response to customers and the need to meet new compliance requirements from the industry regulators, meant that it was time to look for a new solution.

    “We had a clear need to update our approach to storing and accessing correspondence and an aim to make processes quicker to deliver an enhanced service to our customers.”
    – Payments Lead Operations Manager & BACB Business Partner, The Co-operative Bank

  • Solution

    The solution proposed by Swiss Post Solutions had three main components:

    • A project to convert the microfilm archive.
    • A day forward scanning operation.
    • A web portal to provide instant access to all correspondence.


  • Benefit

    By improving response times and ensuring business continuity, the scanning and archive solution has ensured that the Co-operative Bank is compliant with FCA and PRA regulations.

    • Time to access existing correspondence has been reduced from five days to five seconds.
    • New images are available within two days, rather than two weeks.
    • The new portal is now being used by over 700 staff.
    • The built in disaster recovery has eliminated the risk of service downtime.
    • Cost savings delivered by reducing equipment leases, property costs and resource charges.

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