Case Study

The Co-operative Group

  • Challenge

    As part of its move to its new head office The Co-operative Group wanted to transform the way it handled incoming and outgoing mail and document management. To help them realise their ambitions they turned to Swiss Post Solutions to deliver a digital mailroom solution. The goals of the program were to:

    • Improve access to and sharing of information.
    • Reduce on-site and off-site hard copy storage.
    • Introduce formal and sensible retention policies.
    • Improve the culture within the business to manage paper more effectively.
    • Better manage document production.
  • Solution

    The Co-operative Group has a very stringent procurement process. It evaluated proposals from several vendors. “The clear reason for progressing with SPS was around their acknowledgment of the strategic opportunity that presented itself. This was not just about introducing technology or scanning paper into digital format, but actually about changing people’s behaviour.”

    As a result, central to the contract is the digitising of all incoming mail and progressively digitising large stores of archived paper files. The solution includes the use of an off-site mailroom, archiving services and document scanning and capture services.

  • Benefit

    The benefits to The Co-operative Group include:

    • After 18 months the partnership delivered the document lifecycle program's objectives.
    • The Group is on target to achieve a 54% reduction in onsite storage.
    • The removal of 2,200 cabinets has led to a safer and improved working environment.
    • The digital mail service enabled 1.2 worker per desk ratio in new HQ and digital delivery to over 3,500 staff. 
    • Document digitisation feeds automated workflows, speeding execution and reducing cost.

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