Case Study

Travel Business

  • Challenge

    SPS had supported this travel operator from its processing center in Vietnam. There, a team of 7 FTE received excel files with travel information such as hotel name, travel period or room type from the travel operator. With that information the team in Vietnam combed through travel portals to find the best prices. Once the best price was found it added the information of the price to the excel list and provided it to the travel business.

  • Solution

    Since November 2016 SPS deploys two software robots that support the team in Vietnam with their daily queries that amount to 2700 on average. On peak periods up to 6500 queries are answered by the employees and the robots per day. The robots work with the same systems as the human operators do, comb through the online travel agencies and fill the data into the excel sheet that is delivered to the client.

  • Benefits

    Given that the client would like to handle an increased volume, by applying RPA there is no need for employing additional employees. Additionally, the following benefits were achieved:

    • Headcounts reduced by 2 FTE
    • Processing costs are reduced by 30%
    • Seasonal peaks are managed without the need for temporary employees

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