Case Study

Zurich Insurance Group

  • Challenge

    The FinOps team at Zurich is part of a global function that receives high volumes of mail, consisting of over 50 different document types. Zurich handled this mail with a labour intensive manual process, absorbing valuable time that could cause delays in mail being actioned. As an entirely manual process, Zurich had decreased visibility of what mail had been received and who was dealing with it, a situation that the business was keen to change.

  • Solution

    Swiss Post Solutions proposed a scanning solution that would centralise and automate the scanning and processing of FinOps mail. The digital mail solution combines several document management capabilities, delivered through a simple web application. This technology allows users to receive, view, process and archive digital mail documents, replacing the physical delivery process without introducing the complexities of process change that often accompany traditional workflow solutions.

  • Benefits

    “The use of Swiss Post Solutions Digital Mail solution has enabled a more streamlined process by reducing the number of parties handling the cheques and freed up the General Accounts Services team to undertake more specialist activity rather than manually scanning to India, a task that took around 2-3 hours per day. Moving forward Finance Operations will be looking to capitalise on the additional benefits SPS can offer to further increase the efficiency of this process.”

    - General Accounting Services Team Leader, Zurich


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