Our Values and Principles

At the heart of Swiss Post Solutions are our employees. Our management principles and values provide us with guidelines and help us to achieve our goal of working together to achieve success.

Swiss Post Solutions' mission and vision

Our management principles as keys to success:

  • Responsible dealings with customers, employees, and results: we are committed, results-driven, and independent in our approach.
  • Flexibility across the company: we are open, proactive, willing to promote innovation and view challenges as opportunities.
  • We put our trust in people: we work with transparency, offer constructive feedback, and foster a culture of learning.

Our values

Our clients come first:

  • We offer our clients tailor-made solutions.
  • We focus on raising the performance of our customers when developing these solutions.
  • The needs of our customers are central to all our decisions.

We create excellent solutions:

  • We offer first-class solutions based on our knowledge of the needs and requirements of our customers.
  • We compete with other market leaders who offer tailor-made solutions
  • We strive to improve our services all of the time in order to strengthen our competitiveness.

Innovative thinking keeps us one step ahead:

  • We question conventional approaches and want to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.
  • We think outside the box, not only to fulfil our customers' requirements but also in order to conquer new markets.
  • Our ability to develop innovative solutions means that we are always one step ahead of our competitors.

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