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Digital transformation has changed the world of document management dramatically in the past twenty years. It will continue to do, as physical documents are increasingly replaced by digital media and hybrid document types, and the time of structured information gives way to the exponential growth of unstructured information.

Why Swiss Post Solutions?

A trusted partner for over 100 banking, financial services and insurance companies, UK & European train operators, and companies in the Chemicals sector, SPS is at the forefront of digital transformation for document and information processing.

We help businesses thrive in a hybrid world of digital and physical data, leveraging the right mix of automation and human workforce.

We’re an end-to-end (E2E) provider that manages and takes responsibility for the whole document management process, from inbound all the way to multiple touch points with customers, resulting in better execution and operational management.
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    Zurich Insurance Group

    Learn how Zurich Insurance transformed process performance with Digital Mail.

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    Digitalisation at Allianz Suisse

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    The Co-operative Bank

    The Co-operative Bank implements a document processing solution that reduces processing time from days to seconds.

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Our next-generation document processing can transform back-office functions
Our next-generation document processing is transforming back-office functions across a multitude of sectors:

Transforming the way banks operate

Banks operate in a market environment characterised by increasing regulatory demands, ever fiercer competition and greater pressures on profitability. They also need to be up to speed with digital technologies and mobile communications, to address the demands of their customers.
The insurance industry needs to be capable of enhancing the customer experience, increasing revenues per customer and generating new revenue streams by integrating and automating business processes and digitising the customer interface.

The bank of the future

Faster complaints processing for rail companies

The Rail Industry is under increased pressure. With the launch of the Rail Dispute Resolution Ombudsman in 2018, train operators now have to resolve complaints within 8 weeks. The potential for increased costs and poor press is therefore huge. As the Delay and Repay scheme picks up momentum with rail operators, there is pressure from the UK Government to achieve a ‘one click’ compensation process meaning there is a huge focus on the efficiency of consumer processes.
A trusted partner for UK and European train operators, Swiss Post Solutions can reduce costs through faster complaint processes whilst improving customer satisfaction and public perception.
We applied robotic automation for a Rail Company to reduce claim processing times by 80%.

Empowering the chemicals sector

The Chemicals sector is vast and diverse. It is critical to the UK economy, accounting for nearly 10% of all UK manufacturing. It is a significant exporter of goods, delivering a net trade surplus. To maintain its competitiveness and enable growth, the sector is developing new digital and automation strategies.
A trusted partner, Swiss Post Solutions provides enhanced control over cash, increased transparency, greater compliance and an improved customer experience.
Watch our video on how applying intelligent automation empowers organisations to make customers happy and provide amazing levels of service.

Customer testimonials

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    We had a clear need to update our approach to storing and accessing correspondence and an aim to make processes quicker to deliver an enhanced service to our customers.

    Payments Lead Operations Manager & BACB Business Partner, The Co-operative bank

  • testimonials

    We are very happy with the constant and reliable services and the close and global relationships with Swiss Post Solutions and the professional reporting and project management.

    Head of Document Logistics, Zurich Insurance

  • testimonials

    Through the cooperation with Swiss Post Solutions we have been able to increase our competitiveness. We are ‘fit for the future’ and can focus on the professional delivery of services in our core business thanks to the new and lean production processes.

    Head of Risk & Document Management, Financial Services