Human Resources in the digital fast lane

Human Resources (HR) will always be primarily concerned with people in the work environment. Nevertheless, companies find themselves confronted with major challenges. It's here that digitalisation will change HR departments, optimise processes and ultimately make HR tasks easier. In this white paper, you can find out how to master digital transformation.

Today, digitalisation is more than just a modern buzzword – it has become a reality within companies in the form of specific projects. Companies are now assessing entire process chains and evaluating their potential for digitalisation. Cost, efficiency and resource requirements are the driving forces behind individual projects. The same is true of HR.
With automation and pioneering digital solutions, HR departments can efficiently meet growing requirements and develop new opportunities. The focus here is on the following key aspects:
  • Increasing service quality with smart solutions
    Modern HR systems are capable of enabling the necessary exchange of information between employees and HR at all times and in all locations. For employee retention in general and the retention of high-potential employees in particular, it is essential that HR departments present themselves in a modern way externally.
  • Reducing costs and avoiding media discontinuities
    Digitalisation, agile introduction methods and the use of best-in-class processes by outsourcing administrative HR activities to a service provider offer HR departments the opportunity to establish a modern HR service model in a streamlined and flexible way.
  • Meeting growing security and compliance requirements
    Mastering the technical and legal challenges of the digital world is a prerequisite for the successful and confidential use of digital solutions.
In particular, the outsourcing of administrative and time-consuming activities to third parties quickly creates free capacity within the company, meaning that in-house teams can be used for strategic HR tasks. One advantage of this is that the BPO partner generally has in-depth experience of digitalisation and is able to make processes more efficient with greater consistency.

Legal Framework

From employment law and collective labour agreements through to bargaining agreements, meeting the legal and collectively agreed requirements is extremely complex. In the digital environment, too, the outsourcing partner must meet all the requirements stipulated by law and collective agreements. Legal expertise is therefore definitely a crucial consideration when selecting a service provider.
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Optimised User Experience

Another key task of digitalisation is to improve the user experience. Systems must be quick and easy to operate, and services must be geared towards people in the work environment. This not only contributes to increased productivity, but also makes the employer more appealing to work for.
Once the potential for simple digitalisation has been exhausted, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in future to help holistically optimise complex processes across multiple systems. The HR department is therefore also a driving force behind the digital transformation of the company as a whole, and must view its role in strategic terms in order to make a strong contribution to generating added value, now and in future.

Digital Transformation

Only 7% of companies in the DACH region have an HR strategy with a digital sub-strategy containing specific objectives and projects. This is despite the fact that the potential for automation is particularly high in HR departments. Automation can help to reduce costs, optimise processes, provide higher-quality services and free up personnel resources.
All SPS solutions can be integrated into the HR department’s existing environment. This allows customers to act with greater speed and flexibility while keeping the changes to their existing system to a minimum.
Read here how SPS can support you in the digital transformation process and equip you for a successful future.

Customer testimonials

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    International decisions and restructuring projects that affect BP in Germany are being co-managed by SPS and implemented in an agile and timely manner. Our many years of successful collaboration have resulted in a strategic partnership of equals.

    Frank Tewes, HR Manager Operations Center, BP EUROPA SE