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The mailroom is crucial to overall business success. It accounts for 9% of the budget for Fortune 500 companies and is the entry point for physical information into your business. Find out more below on the different mailroom solutions available for your business needs, and why SPS is the right partner to manage your mailroom and unlock substantial savings.

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Why Paper Still Matters

The challenges faced in mail management are huge and varied. 
The decline in physical mail volumes make scalable mail management a necessity to remain competitive, and new compliance regulations such as GDPR have made visibility and tracking systems vital. Furthermore, customer expectations have increased dramatically, while the potential cost of inefficiency, housing a mailroom solution onsite, and losing customers is huge.

55% of businesses think there will always be physical post to deal with.

What can be done to tackle these challenges?
In an increasingly digital landscape, it’s crucial to find a way to combine physical and digital channels. It’s not about digital replacing physical, it is about connecting them to drive the evolution of the mailroom and deliver transformation. It is the only way to remain competitive. 

Our Mailroom Services fall into three categories.

On-site mailroom – A full audit of current processes, and the provision of tracking and visibility of mail and courier items and processes. Saves valuable time through improved efficiency and saves costs via access to postal discounts.
Off-site mailroom – Releases valuable onsite real estate to free up space. Scalable mail management that strengthens your flexibility, enabling informed and strategic business decisions. Increases visibility and compliance - and adds an extra layer of security.
Digital mailroom – Enables remote, flexible working, 24/7 access to documents and improved customer service, while allowing all incoming data to be captured and made electronically accessible, dramatically reducing costs in the process.

40% of businesses think digital mail would improve organisational performance

The opportunities for wider business innovation and development start with the mailroom, but if it doesn’t evolve, it can become a weak link, so it is vital to place it at the heart of business strategy. Swiss Post Solutions’ Mailroom Services allow you to benefit from our experience in standardising procedures and continuous improvement through innovation.
We have generated savings of £1M for one client to date. Contact us to find out how SPS can help you also to unlock the potential of your mailroom and establish it as the strong core of your business.

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    The clear reason for progressing with Swiss Post Solutions was around their acknowledgement of the strategic opportunity that presented itself. This was not just about introducing technology or scanning paper into digital format, but actually about changing people’s behaviour.

    Group Resource & Planning Manager, The Co-operative Group