Partnering for Success

Collaborative partnerships are built on trust and continuous improvement to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. SPS partners believe in us as we have been continuously trading since the 1850s are wholly owned by the Swiss Government, have a World Class Net Promoter Score +78 and a client retention rate of 96%.

How business process as a service (BPaaS) enables business process excellence

Enabling Business Transformation Together

In the face of rapid evolution, organisations are struggling to keep pace with an ever-changing landscape of people, process and technology. That’s why forming a strategic partnership is so important - working together we can identify the art of the possible and do the thinking for our clients.
Only by collaborating can you make truly positive transformational change. It’s about utilising the right resources at the right time to deliver the right outcomes for our clients.
Global trusted advisors, IT Outsourcers, Hardware and software companies partner with SPS because of our long history and Swiss heritage. Coupled with a world class net promoter score of +78 and flexible financing solutions.

Together, we can enable change and true transformation, with unrivalled quality and confidence. 

Managing Data is the first critical step in the Digital Transformation journey

A recent IBM report found that we now create over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and that 80% of the data gathered by organisations is unstructured. The challenge that organisations have is making sense of this plethora of information as it flows in to their business operations through many different channels.
Businesses across all sectors are increasingly under pressure to effectively manage the challenges this brings such as increased error rate, delays in processing customer information and the burgeoning costs of managing data, processes, people and technology.
These challenges typically cannot be addressed by one company alone.
Mastering the Challenge of Unstructured Data
In the article, Gary Harrold, UK CEO of Swiss Post Solutions, one of the world’s leading business process outsourcing specialists discussed the challenges with Andrew Anderson, CEO of Celaton.
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Dealing with the Data Explosion

Global data volumes will equate to 5,200 GB of data for every person in the world in 2020, presenting both major challenges and also opportunities for companies across all industry sectors.
On the one hand, they will have access to unprecedented levels of information on their businesses, markets and customers. But at the same time, they have the monumental task of collecting, processing and making sense of all of this information.
With more channels than ever to communicate with – paper letters, email, social media, chat-bots - consumers increasingly expect timely and meaningful responses to a wide range of queries on the channel that is most convenient for them.
Time is running out for companies to get the right processes in place. SPS are experts in data navigation and can help steer companies through this minefield of data.

David Ziltener, Head of Global Go-To-Market – Swiss Post Solutions discusses in our Whitepaper why the need for process excellence has never been greater in dealing with the data explosion.


Managing People, Processes and Technology accelerates Digital Transformation

With companies struggling to cope with these huge volumes of unstructured information flowing into their organisations and with manual processing of data so time-consuming, the data backlog keeps growing. Customer satisfaction plummets while costs increase.  
Combining human and artificial intelligence in a single platform is the most efficient way to manage business-critical processes. By integrating manual handling into the system, companies can process complex tasks that require judgement.  
SPS has world class credentials in business process services that, combined with the right Partner expertise, can truly expedite digital transformation for clients.
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