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Recent events have drastically accelerated the need for change in back office operations. It took everyone out of the office, and now organisations and employees are seeing the value and necessity of remote working. SPS empowers you to take control, step by step, of an outcome-focused transformation across various solutions that join the dots to create end-to-end, digitally enabled processes.

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Your Mailroom could be your digital enabler

Release the potential of your mailroom by thinking of it as an innovation hub, where digital and physical data streams meet. The mailroom can be the beating heart of your strategic roadmap managing structured and unstructured data via a digitally enabled hub. The mailroom is the first piece of the puzzle you put in place.
It’s a simple, tactical change but it’s crucial for your digital future. You need a digital enabled mailroom service that allows staff to work remotely with the same access to data.  Viewing the mailroom as a digital information hub where physical and digital communication channels merge is vital for employees and customers in the new world.
SPS has over 90 years’ experience of managing mailrooms, operates over 500 physical and digital mailrooms worldwide and handles around 120 million items of mail globally each year.

Optimising your business processes has never been more important, keeping employees connected and customers happy through these testing times and beyond.

It's about people, processes & technology, and what you want to achieve

Organisations that do not change face the risk of falling behind, losing talent and customers as the competition offers more prosperous opportunities, not to mention the financial cost of operational inefficiencies.
Do you have challenges with multiple legacy systems access to which has been compounded by flexible, remote working? SPS can create a centralised portal to manage workflow and improve the customer experience by quicker response times to queries and claims.

25% of the Fortune 100 are SPS clients, viewing us as a safe pair of hands who drive continuous improvement. That’s also why we have a 96% contract renewal rate and a ‘World Class’ Net Promoter Score of 78.

People are still at the heart of business, and SPS Guest Services offers a ‘new world’ hybrid Front of House experience. SPS wants your clients to feel important from the moment they first walk through your door. We achieve this with a motivated and diverse workforce of highly capable employees, supported by technology-led efficiencies.
We understand that a reduced number of guests does not mean lower standards. Our service will utilise industry leading technology to deliver the services that best meet your requirements. We use a modular approach to apply our technology-led solutions, giving you the flexibility to purchase only what you need, and ability to add tools as your needs change. SPS protects your guest experience while embracing the new requirements of social distancing and visitor safety.
Master the complexity of mail with our digital mail solution, find out more about our digital mailroom services.

Dramatically reduce costs, win back time through greater efficiency and improve customer experience

The potential benefits to your business are wide-ranging and compelling:
  • Significant cost savings from more efficient resource deployment and processes.
  • Increased productivity for staff.
  • A safe and efficient working environment that staff feel comfortable in.
  • Enhanced customer experience via quicker response times.
  • A reduced operational footprint delivering a saving in real estate which can then be re-purposed.
You can read more about how we have helped our clients become digital first in our case studies.
These unprecedented times leave a lot unknown, but with SPS and our 90 years’ experience working with some of the world’s most demanding organisations, you could not be in a safer pair of hands.
Furthermore, a fully tracked digital footprint puts you in control of your sensitive data, making your company as secure and compliant as it can be, hugely reducing the chance of costly data breaches and giving peace of mind come audit time.
Swiss Post Solutions attaches great importance to sustainability through partnership. Together we can minimise our environmental impact by reducing our carbon footprint, for example by converting physical paper to digital and establishing smaller office spaces that generate less energy.
SPS clients also take advantage of our ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), ISO 27001 (Information Security), PCI-DSS (security of card data) certifications.
Are you ready to take control of your business? Then it’s time to talk to us.
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Customer testimonials

  • testimonials

    The new centralised service and the use of Swiss Post Solutions’ Digital Mail solution has enabled a more streamlined process by reducing the number of parties handling the cheques and freed up the General Accounts Services team to undertake more specialist activity.

    General Accounting Services Team Leader, Zurich Insurance Group