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Zurich, July 6th 2017 – Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management, is ideally positioned to address current and future enterprise customer communication needs, a new report from Keypoint Intelligence states. Keypoint Intelligence is a company that offers end-to-end solutions for data and market intelligence in the customer communications and digital imaging industry.

The Keypoint Intelligence report, entitled “Enterprise Customer Communications – Trends and Strategies from Around the Globe”, highlights the need for today’s companies to adopt a multi-channel approach to meeting consumer communications demands and improving the customer experience. The report’s findings indicate that SPS, with its Omni-Channel Communications Solution and deep experience in delivering transformative business process and document management services, is in a prime position to drive communications growth and innovation in several global markets.

The report recommends that enterprises embrace the diversity of consumer communication preferences by focusing on an omni-channel approach, and investing in outsourcing partnerships that can scale to support a long-term vision of delivering first rate customer communications.

The report details how the customer communications market is currently in a state of flux in many regions of the world, as enterprises seek innovative ways to leverage new channels and technologies to reach their customers. Consumer expectations are driving this demand, pushing companies to provide more relevant messaging and a uniform experience across all channels. To keep pace with these changes, the report finds, many organisations are already turning to their outsourcing service providers for strategic guidance and to deliver comprehensive, future-proof communications solutions. The research also found that enterprises are seeking to pivot toward a centralised and co-ordinated communications strategy across channels to deliver consistent, timely, and relevant messaging with blended transactional and marketing intent.

The latest Keypoint Intelligence report is based on worldwide research including interviews with more than 60 customer communications service providers and other market stakeholders – representing more than 50 billion communications delivered in 2016.

“Today, e-mail remains the fastest growing electronic channel, but clients are now using it as the springboard toward rolling out more interactive communications methods such as online platforms and mobile messaging/applications,” declared Ralf Goehler, Head of Document Output Processing at Swiss Post Solutions. “The Keypoint Intelligence report underscores the importance for companies to improve their customer experience by adopting omni-channel communications solutions, and we look forward to developing strong partnerships with them to achieve this.”

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Keypoint Intelligence is built upon two brands: Buyers Lab and InfoTrends. Both brands have deep histories and strong presence in the document imaging industry, and will continue to be supported as product brands under the Keypoint Intelligence umbrella, which has been created to accentuate everything these respected properties have to offer.  InfoTrends has over 25 years of experience providing leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting for the customer communications, digital imaging, and document solutions industry. InfoTrends products include research, analysis, forecasts and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities and develop strategies to grow their businesses.  

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