Document Management will continue to change at a rapid pace

Document management is currently changing at a more rapid pace than at any time in the past 20 years, and this pace of change will continue over the next years. The structuring and processing of data is key to the future of document management, and the demand for digital transformation of document processes, especially for the use of technologies such as RPA and AI is growing rapidly. The new analyst report from NelsonHall and Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) offers more insight into the increasing role of unstructured data, the process transformation of document management, and provides an outlook on document management in 2025.

Digital transformation today is ranking high in the minds of senior executives, as they are looking into enhancing the customer experience, increase efficiency levels and gain more insight through structured data. The NelsonHall analyst report outlines that the volume of unstructured data not only coming from paper, but from social media, voice, web chat or pdf files in emails will continue to grow exponentially. Thus, the demand for digital transformation of document processes across channels is key.

The report clearly shows the need to move to a digitalized and optimized multi-channel environment, replacing human involvement in simple interactions with automation and service factories, while retaining it for complex and high-value interactions. “Companies with a mix of technology & humans working in a seamless process have a great advantage. This trend does not mean that human workforce will become redundant in the document management process, but is shows the importance of establishing the right mix of technology and human labor in a seamless process”, explains David Ziltener, Head of Global Go-to-Market at Swiss Post Solutions.

In undertaking a digital transformation of document management toward information processing, it is important to be driven by business outcomes, like cost reduction, increase of customer satisfaction, faster processing times, compliance and level of quality. It is critical that the architecture adopted is modular and allows for agile process transformation. “By 2025, there will be an increasing number of business process factories offered by vendors, each specialized for particular processes, transactions, and document types”, states John Willmott, CEO at NelsonHall. 

The ability to respond to change and the speed of adaptation of the document management ecosystem have become critical organizational success factors. This is directly linked to a question each company has to reflect on at a certain stage of its digital transformation process: whether to build in-house capabilities for document management and processing or whether to benefit from the experience of a third party vendor for the implementation and provision of services. 

If you are interested in reading the full NelsonHall analyst report “The future Development of Document Management”, just visit our website. You can also find an infographic and additional information there.

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