Intelligent Automation Helps Companies Elevate and Enhance Customer Experience

Zurich, Switzerland – Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management, recently published an in-depth report on how Intelligent Automation (IA) can help companies elevate and enhance the customer experience.

Due to the digital age and growing proliferation of smartphones and other communications technologies, the way customers interact with companies has fundamentally changed. Today customers are used to receiving a quick, convenient and personalized service from digital leading online retailers. Now they expect the same level of customer experience from all the companies they interact with. However, many businesses are struggling to cope with huge volumes of customer communications, across an ever growing and changing array of channels. They do not have the infrastructure to process these queries quickly and accurately, especially if they are in an unstructured format, such as emails and phone communication. Alternatively, companies may have disjointed systems, so crucial customer information is lost or hard to access and track. As a result, they are failing to provide the fast, personalized service that customers increasingly demand in this modern economy. Recent studies confirmed that 80% of today´s customers expect a single, accurate answer when reaching out to a company. Yet this only happens 24% of the time. 78% of today´s customer expect to be able to contact a company on any channel or device, but this only happens 22% of the time.*
Intelligent Automation can help companies close the gap between customer expectations and reality. It can serve as a bridge between a growing flood of unstructured customer input and back-end processes that need structured, clear inputs to process it. A typical IA system combines people, processes and technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in a single cloud-hosted solution. IA can process data in half the time – compared to the average manual handling time-, it operates 24/7 virtually without errors and facilitates easier scalability than a manual workforce. Furthermore, the automation results in significant process cost savings.
At SPS we strategically utilize Intelligent Automation to enhance business processes and to boost customer experience. We recently implemented our solution with a customer that reduces the average handling time of an email by 30%. An international transport company successfully cut its transaction costs by 74% thanks to an IA solution that enabled it to process 12’000 invoices in over 40 languages daily.
With a focused application of software, SPS´s services are able to convert unstructured data, embedded in documents like emails and other digital communication, into structured data. SPS uses Artificial Intelligence to extract critical information such as customer and transaction IDs, and transactional data such as payment amounts. More than that, SPS can also extract a customer’s intent and even sentiment, encoding it all into a structured format to help drive automated decision-making processes.
This data feeds into process automation systems that handle over 160 different business cases. Approximately 80% of processes can be automated. For exceptions or documents that require manual intervention, SPS also provides expert teams in onshore or offshore locations. Trained in specific business processes, they add further efficiency and robustness to the system, handling documents at industry-leading turnaround times, and reducing service level agreements (SLAs) down to 22 seconds in some cases.
Thanks to a tight integration of leading technologies, companies can use SPS’s services to process documents faster, efficiently and accurately. SPS has years of experience implementing such solutions and solving problems for a wide variety of companies. We constantly refine our procedure to understand our clients´ business challenges, and tailor solutions to meet them.
Read the full report to find out more.
*Sources: Gladly, Customer Service Expectation Survey, 2018 / Salesforce, State of the connected customer, 2018 / Eptica, 2017 Insurance Customer Conversations, 2017 / CCW, The customer experience, 2018

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