Intelligently Automating Documents

“Intelligent automation“ will permanently change business models in the coming years. In an interview with TREND REPORT, Jörg Vollmer, the CEO of Swiss Post Solutions, presented this technology as a tool by which to make document management considerably faster and more efficient.

Mr. Vollmer, what is intelligent automation about?

For numerous DAX businesses in Germany, there are millions of invoices that are digitized and processed every year in creditor management. We digitize the documents and put them in order in the truest sense. We already use partially automated processes for data collection, indexing or archiving, in order to increase efficiency. Nevertheless, there are still many repetitive tasks in the processing of documents, which could stand to be automated. The faster the documents can be input, the more likely someone like the CFO can receive reliable figures, with which to make projections. Intelligent Automation will revolutionize this process.

What does intelligent automation mean for BPO providers?

Due to our years of experience with document management, we offer a leadership role with intelligent automation as the second largest BPO provider in Europe, and thus perfectly complement our portfolio. SPS is currently testing a variety of pilot projects for the use of intelligent automation, in order to make document processing quicker and more economical. Millions of data points, which are linked together in high-dimension, deliver us a depth of information that was unthinkable until now. This makes the process not only faster and more efficient, but also significantly increases the quality of the information prepared. “Intelligent Automation“ will permanently change business models in the coming years.

What is the focus for the application of intelligent automation?

Intelligent Automation is particularly adept when it comes to repetitive, manual processes – data processing or validation, for example. Rule-based decisions are entered and make these systems possible, as you can imagine. It dynamically adapts and continues to learn.

Is it worthwhile to implement intelligent automation now?

Yes, the implementation is worthwhile. The current costs are considerably lower than conventional solutions, so that investments in automation pay off quickly. Therefore we are convinced that the implementation of intelligent automation increases efficiency for business process outsourcing solutions. Our goal is to fully automate those processes that are currently partially automated. The potential for invoice processing for international companies, as well as back office automation, is significant.

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