Healthcard passport photos can now be uploaded by the customer

Cross-media image recording

Healthcare solutions specialist provider Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) has now launched a new solution for recording images for the electronic health card (eGK). Passport photos for the latest generation of the eGK can now be uploaded by smartphone or tablet in no time at all. The new method for cross-media image processing also works via webcam on PCs and notebooks. The photos can be created, edited and uploaded directly by the customer via a web portal. This will save customers the costs of having their photographs taken. The solution will in future be deployed in an adapted form in offices and sales departments in health insurance funds to record the photos of new customers. SPS has to date recorded and processed over 35 million images by form or online for health insurance funds.

The highest level of data protection

Along with recording images via PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone, SPS also offers a paper-based form solution, as before. Project Coordinator Manager Arno Reith: "We re-check every image manually, regardless of the method selected and separate from automatic pre-processing. "The quality of the digital images submitted is also distinctly better than that of those produced by the traditional method." If required, images are also post-processed by SPS to achieve the best result on the health card. From the start of 2016, SPS will process the second generation of the electronic health card for statutory health insurance funds at the site in Prien am Chiemsee under conditions of the highest level of data security. By the end of 2017, all of the health cards throughout Germany should have been changed over to bring the security key on the card up to date.

Full service for health insurance funds

SPS handles the full service range for the eGK for health insurance funds:

  • Customer information by mailshots or email
  • Picture recording and processing by form or with the help of the new online tool
  • Project-related service hotline and research tool for insurance fund staff
  • Special website for independent image recording for the eGK

Oliver Jentzsch, Manager of the Healthcare Competence Centre: "The new solution for recording images is a logical expansion of SPS's extensive solution portfolio for statutory health insurance funds in Germany. "With the option to integrate our solution into the online offices of the funds, SPS has laid a further, crucial building block on the path to digitisation in healthcare."

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