Only 16% Of Organizations Perceive Themselves Highly Resilient To Future Crises

Zurich – Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management, and the leading global analyst firm NelsonHall have published a joint study, “Preparing for the Next Crisis: A Guide to Building Operational Resilience”. The study is based on discussions with 50 executives in the banking, insurance, and healthcare sectors. It aims to assist organizations in identifying and preparing for any operational challenges that are likely to emerge.

The joint study from NelsonHall and SPS disclosed that the ongoing crisis has led to a massive increase in awareness of the need for operational resilience, with 98% of organizations now aware of its importance. Companies have faced major challenges, such as transitioning employees to home-based work locations while ensuring regulatory obligations are met, and coping with the steep increase in demand for customer communication. In fact, only 16% of interviewed organizations perceive that their overall operations are highly resilient to future crises that would require major changes in work location, with customer care particularly vulnerable.
The ongoing crisis has dramatically underscored the crucial requirement for enterprises to implement measures which guarantee business continuity and to remain resilient in any prevailing market condition. 96% of the surveyed companies recognize limitations of their business continuity plan (BCP). Only 10% of executives perceive that their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are being met consistently as a result of the crisis, with customer communications and onboarding, order fulfillment, and sales support experiencing the largest negative impact.
“SPS’s BPO services combine the key elements of operational stability to operate successfully in the event of a crisis. Our document management services allow secure, compliant and location-independent processing of physical and digital documents,” said Joerg Vollmer, CEO of Swiss Post Solutions. “With integrated business continuity management, we ensure to be a safe pair of hands and help our clients to avoid any service disruption.”
Some of the steps organizations will take to enhance their operational resilience in readiness for the next crisis include increasing their flexibility and preparedness for home-based work, ensuring a cohesive, end-to-end approach to operational resilience and revisiting outsourcing partner selection criteria, collaboration models, and governance.
“The recent crisis has extensively exposed the limitations of existing center-focused business continuity planning. To increase their future operational resilience, enterprises now need their BCP plans to be location-independent and to support widespread work-from-home,” said John Willmot, CEO of NelsonHall. “This necessitates increasing the digitalization of document processing and distribution and enhancing the ability to move agent knowledge between sites and personnel.”
Read the full study to find out more.

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