OPEX Conference: SPS to present on Digital Transformation in Banking

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management, will address the 13th Annual OPEX in Financial Services Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, on the topic of unlocking the potential of unstructured data with digital transformation. 

Organizations around the world seek to ensure that the agility and speed from today’s smart phones and tablets are not stopped by missing interfaces or legacy technology. Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Solution Development & Digital Transformation at SPS, will present solutions and best practices to show how successful companies have learned to work with and around their legacy systems and tap into the value of unstructured data through the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.
The conference will be held on March 18 through 20, 2019, at the Roosevelt in New Orleans and brings together leading financial and insurance institutions with innovative solutions and services providers, allowing attendees to benchmark their process transformation strategies against industry-wide best practices. Over 300 senior executives are expected to attend the event with more than 50 market specific sessions and more than 20 interactive discussion groups, in which participants can share experiences and thought leadership in a highly interactive way.

Janet Tarzia, VP of Marketing and Communications, said of SPS’ participation in the conference: “Although the banking industry has been on the forefront of digital transformation, competition from fintechs has put pressure on the traditional models to expedite progress in order to better serve customers. SPS has successfully helped companies navigate this evolving landscape and remain competitive in a volatile market.”

SPS will also have an exhibit booth on the conference floor where individuals can obtain additional information on the company and its innovative Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

About SPS

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SPS is a leading outsourcing provider for business processes solutions and innovative services in document management. A strong international client base relies on SPS’ ability to envision, design and build end-to-end solutions, and to be its trusted advisor for the key value drivers in BPO: location strategy, process optimization and technology, such as intelligent automation. SPS’ over 8’500 employees and specialized partners span the full range of the industry with a focus on banking, insurance, telecommunications and healthcare, addressing customer needs in more than 20 countries and a revenue of over 600M CHF. SPS is owned by AS Equity, an active technology investor with the intention to scale up SPS’s business and elevate its strategy and performance to be a dominant market leader. There are substantial opportunities for technology innovation to boost growth seen. AS Equity Partners is planning to invest in new technologies to enable digital access to customer consumption and demand data, greater customer intimacy through self-service and the sharing of data and insights with clients, and real time capacity, system and process performance monitoring and reporting.

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