SPS Partners with The NPD Group

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a global innovator in Document Process Outsourcing with onshore, nearshore and offshore capabilities, announced today that it has partnered with The NPD Group (NPD), a worldwide leader in market research, to provide an innovative and scalable document management solution.

Due to immense consumer interest in its mobile application, ReceiptPal, NPD has entrusted SPS to transform consumer information into usable data to support its business.

NPD's ReceiptPal application is another in a series of groundbreaking innovations in data collection for market research. The application is designed to track consumer purchasing behavior and trends, whiule providing its users with a secure place to store receipts and track spending. To incent customer engagement, NPD rewards them for uploading photos of their receipts. This, in turn, delivers receipt images that SPS expeditiously transforms into quantifiable data so NPD can provide its clients with market insights into consumer shopping behavior.

"At The NPD Group, we aggressively seek out state-of-the-art solutions for business applications that add value to the services we provide. The SPS solution enables us to further enhance the quality, quantity and speed of the data we collect, enabling us to provide our clients with deep insights based on precise, timely and reliable data." Commented Steve Coffey, Chief Innovation Officer.

SPS is proud to offer innovative scalable DPO solutions to companies like The NPD Group to ultimately fortify their competitive edge. With dozens of secure document processing facilities worldwide, SPS has been named as one of the world's top document processing companies by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

"Mobile data capture is gaining traction in a variety of industries with applications that increase efficiency and productivity. SPS has seen this trend toward digitization among our clients, and continues to offer innovative solutions that respond to market needs," said John Chestnut, SPS North America's Vice President of Solutions and Services.

The ReceiptPal application is available for free on both iOS and Android devices in the Apple App Store and in Google Play respectively.

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