Swiss Post Solutions wins Gold in the RoSPA Awards 2017

London November, 2017. Swiss Post Solutions Ltd (SPS) SPS UK, a leading outsourcing provider for business process solutions and innovative services in document management, has once again been successful in the RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards, with this year’s gold award marking 10 years of achievement. SPS received the Gold award in the prestigious annual scheme run by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
Through the scheme, which is open to businesses and organisations of all types and sizes from across the UK and overseas, judges consider entrants’ overarching occupational health and safety management systems, including practices such as leadership and workforce involvement.

Julia Small, RoSPA’s head of awards and events, said: “The RoSPA Awards are the most prestigious in the world of occupational health and safety, and held in high regard around the world, as winning one demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to maintaining an excellent health and safety record. Achieving the standard required is no mean feat. This is a special year in the history of RoSPA, and we congratulate all of our winners in this, our centenary year”.

Lucia Howe, Compliance Manager at SPS, said: “We’re very proud to have once again received this award. We continue to promote a culture of responsibility, with visible leadership and commitment from the top with regard to health and safety, compliance and continual improvement that reaches all parts of the business - essential when we have over 1600 employees, most of them working on client premises across the UK. The award represents a real team effort and a great achievement by all.”

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SPS is a leading outsourcing provider for business processes solutions and innovative services in document management. A strong international client base relies on SPS’ ability to envision, design and build end-to-end solutions, and to be its trusted advisor for the key value drivers in BPO: location strategy, process optimization and technology, such as intelligent automation. SPS’ over 8’500 employees and specialized partners span the full range of the industry with a focus on banking, insurance, telecommunications and healthcare, addressing customer needs in more than 20 countries and a revenue of over 600M CHF. SPS is owned by AS Equity, an active technology investor with the intention to scale up SPS’s business and elevate its strategy and performance to be a dominant market leader. There are substantial opportunities for technology innovation to boost growth seen. AS Equity Partners is planning to invest in new technologies to enable digital access to customer consumption and demand data, greater customer intimacy through self-service and the sharing of data and insights with clients, and real time capacity, system and process performance monitoring and reporting.

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