SPS UK achieves PCI DSS compliance in the delivery of Document Management Services

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) UK has achieved compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for the delivery of Document Management Services. The assessment and validation was supported by Red Island / Gemserv as their PCI DSS QSA helps SPS to process client documents and data containing sensitive payment card details in a secure and compliant manner.

Achieving compliance to the PCI DSS is of increasing importance for service providers such as SPS, particularly within the digitisation of documents and the execution of related business processes. Payment card details can be present within many types of documents including order and application forms, customer correspondence and archived materials. Ensuring that this data is handled securely is critical to protecting cardholders and companies from the risk of data loss or fraudulent activity.

The PCI DSS was first established by the five global card brands in October 2006. The standard, now in its third version, seeks to increase protection of customer card data and combat the threat of fraud. The standard is applicable wherever credit card details are stored, processed or transmitted, encompassing both systems and paper processes.

The standard lays down regulations and requirements for a range of stakeholder groups including card issuers, banks, merchants and service providers. SPS has been assessed as a PCI compliant service provider, delivering a number of related document services including printing, document processing, secure destruction and digital document management.

Compliance to the standard is demonstrated through a rigorous audit process involving over 260 documented controls encompassing people, processes, documentation and effective implementation.

Commenting on the validation of PCI DSS compliance, Gary Harrold, CEO of SPS UK and Ireland said “SPS has been delivering document services for over 20 years and, as the complexity of these services has developed, it has been pivotal for us to ensure the standards we apply within our processes comply with the evolving requirements of our clients. Achieving PCI DSS compliance now enables us to offer increasingly integrated solutions which deliver even greater value to our clients.

Data security, quality and continuity of service are enshrined within everything we do at SPS. Obtaining PCI DSS compliance further underlines the commitment me make to our customers to ensure the processes we manage for them are executed to the highest standards of security and integrity”

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