The end of the service wasteland Germany

Increasing customer satisfaction

Digital transformation forces companies to review their existing structures and to further automate their processes. At the Call Center World in Berlin, the BPO specialist Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) presented a new approach to intelligent automation in customer contact management (CCM).

"Intelligent solutions will revolutionise customer contact management. They allow for faster and more efficient control of processes, and significantly improve communication with clients and their customers, thus enhancing customer satisfaction."

Predicts Kristin Müller, Head of Customer Contact Management at SPS. Ideally, such solutions will mark the end of Germany as a service wasteland. 


Creating positive service experiences

Companies can gain a competitive edge through positive experiences and optimised customer care across all channels. Offering a professional customer service at a time of huge cost pressure is one of the major challenges facing organisations. We know that many companies are already struggling to provide adequate customer services in a multi-channel environment with e-mail, chat, phone, text, fax and letter. The solution: Using intelligent outsourcing and automation solutions.

SPS has developed a number of innovative customer contact management concepts that cover everything from standard customer services to case handling and multi-channel management (physical and digital). How such solutions work in practice can be best described by having a closer look at the telephone call interest management by SPS. The outsourcing specialist handles and controls all processes from the first contact with the potential customer to the posting of the contract documents. SPS thereby assists potential customers through all channels, sends out the offer folders that are known for their high response rate, processes the incoming order and prints all necessary documents.


Intelligent automation revolutionises processes

"Innovative intelligent automation solutions are particularly efficient when it comes to repeat tasks and unstructured data."

Explains Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Technology & IT Infrastructure at SPS. These include for instance the answering of routine queries at the front office as well as case handling tasks.    
Currently, SPS is already testing customer communication automation systems that support service agents with proposed solutions that are automatically generated while the agent is on the phone with the caller. 


Intelligent automation competence centre

In addition to providing front office solutions, SPS assists companies with its intelligent automation competence centre specialising in systems for backoffice automation. For large insurance companies, SPS digitises incoming claims by inputting, indexing and archiving the data, using semi-automated processes that greatly enhance efficiency. The faster the documents are processed, the quicker the insurer has reliable figures available to asses and finalise the claim. 


Automated processing of unstructured data

The new intelligent automation solutions from SPS are also able to process unstructured data. Whether e-mails with PDF attachments, Word or Excel files – the intelligent process solutions classify the data, learn to "understand" the content of the files and assign the documents accordingly. With these advanced tools, SPS will further automate the handling of claims as part of the customer contact management for insurance companies, speeding up processes. 

Real-time communication

"Intelligent automation guarantees fast turn-around times, round-the-clock processing seven days a week and real-time communication," says Kristin Müller. "E-mail replies sent more than 24 hours after receipt of the initial message are no longer acceptable to customers."

It is therefore necessary to put personnel in place who can meet customer demands as regards both written and digital communication across all channels, maintaining a consistent high service level. The ever increasing use of chat, social media, fax messages, letters, phone calls and texts means that innovative intelligent automation solutions that work across all channels will continue to revolutionise customer contact management. 


About SPS - we connect the digital and physical worlds

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions for business processes, offering innovative document management services. Many international companies are already relying on the competence of SPS in the fields of conception, development and implementation of end-to-end solutions.

In addition, SPS offers consultancy services, focusing on the value drivers in business process outsourcing (BPO): site concept, process optimisation and technology, including intelligent automation. SPS is a subsidiary of Swiss Post based in Berne, Switzerland. Its 7,500 employees work together with specialist partners to assist clients in virtually all business sectors – from banks, insurance companies and telecommunications companies to media groups, retail chains, energy suppliers, travel specialists and shipping companies – in more than 20 countries.  

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