According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), in the post-crisis environment industries will have one of three outcomes: they will either be reformed, restructured or removed.1
The companies that emerge as winners will be those that have lean, efficient and adaptive operating models and are able to maximize the customer experience and performance at the same time. This is because cost and regulatory pressures are expected to continue to increase while competition will intensify in the wake of economic recovery.
SPS’ Service Factories are innovative solutions that allow companies to improve agility, scalability and
automation – the three key capabilities that the WEF claims will define successful businesses in the coming years.1
Swiss Post Solutions combines automation, software applications, process excellence and skilled human labor in a network of connected service centers. This makes it possible to manage entire workflows – such as data processing, payments management, HR services and customer communication management (CCM) – that were previously too complex to outsource. We can also create economies of scale and levels of service that companies are unable to achieve in-house or with traditional providers.
This whitepaper looks at four key trends that are defining the business landscape:
  • Digital investment is growing but we still live in a hybrid world
  • Shift to digital-savvy customers
  • Customers expect personalized communication
  • Companies want to strengthen their operational resilience
Omni-Channel-Output Factory
We take a deep dive into one of SPS’ main Service Factories – the Omni-Channel-Output Factory. Data volumes continue to explode and the number of digital and physical customer channels expand. Companies are struggling to evolve their communications infrastructure and services, whilst retaining the flexibility and personal touch that builds loyalty and supports a great customer journey. In today’s environment, customers demand a simple, fast experience that is personalized for their needs and contains relevant information. At the same time, large parts of the customer base are still wedded to traditional print communications. Managing these two competing forces in an integrated, effective and cost-efficient way will be a key driver of success in the coming decade. For one client, SPS created a solution allowing customers to access all billing information and electricity consumption data via an online dashboard or through printed communication. Taking this omni-channel approach resulted in overall savings of 40%.2
SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Factory integrates both digital and physical communication channels into a single holistic solution, with strong upstream (output management systems) and downstream (distribution) capabilities. Companies can centralize and streamline their communications, whether it is across print, email, online or a mobile device. This gives companies the opportunity to generate efficiencies, improve performance and take advantage of personalization and innovation in customer communication. We also maintain and update customer preferences in our databases so we can optimize every piece of content and ensure the right message is going out across the right channel at the right time.


Key Trends That Define The Business Landscape

Chapter 2

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Automate and scale Omni-Channel Output

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SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Factory

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