SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Factory

SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Factory is a dedicated shared-service center that specializes in outbound communications. This includes both print and digital channels; all managed in a seamless and integrated Output Management System.

Omni-Channel-Output Factory

Omni-Channel-Output Factory

Best in class omni-channel communication

Over 150 companies across banking, telecoms, insurance, energy and tech currently use SPS’ Omni-Channel-Output Factory, resulting in major economies of scale. Print is a vital component of any communications strategy, but it can be expensive, especially if a company wants to leverage personalization. At SPS, 400 employees are dedicated to output processing and handle over 1.5 billion documents each year. SPS’ solution is flexible: companies scale up and down volumes in order to cope with peak periods, marketing campaigns or business seasonality.

With SPS’ Service Factory approach, companies are able to adopt a true omni-channel strategy for their communications. Allowing them to maintain consistent with branding and messaging, regardless of the customer receiving a letter, an email or a text message. This includes the potential for micro-segmenting and personalization across different audience groups.

In addition, all customer responses are tracked, and the data is fed back into a centralized database. This allows our clients to create detailed and accurate profiles for different customer segments. As data volumes increase, it is becoming a major task for organizations to maintain their customer profiles and keep them up to date in real-time.


Advanced output management system

Increasingly, customers are expecting their partners to provide an output management system (OMS). SPS’ state-of-the-art OMS integrates easily with our customers’ legacy systems and expands the capabilities of their existing set-up. We can take their output and turn it into customer-centric campaigns that target the right customer, at the right time, with the right message.

Security and compliance

SPS adheres to the highest levels of data and process security, complying with GDPR as well as all regulations pertaining to the banking, finance and health sectors. Regulations and governance are constantly changing and being updated, while different countries may have different standards. Our architecture allows us to keep up to date, whether we are sending out an invoice in a required format or a specific encrypted file to a government department.
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