Output Management Services

Our solution supports our clients in how they communicate with their clients, through managing physical and digital channels.

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Switching to an omni-channel strategy

Document Output Management Services allows us to manage your whole document output process and to deliver all your business documents and communications to your customers according to their preferences – by print and mail, email, text, fax, system to system or online.

Improve your customer's experience

The communication landscape is rapidly evolving. Each touch point within a customer lifecycle faces its own challenges, which is where Swiss Post Solutions works with you, from optimising physical output to getting the digital mix right and managing that transition. Whilst print remains the primary distribution channel for business critical documents and communication, digital channels such as web, mobile and social network media are becoming mainstream. In this new world we are building on our physical print foundations of quality, speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness to manage all our client's engagement channels.


The advantages of Output Managment Services

Our solution, be it print, electronic or a combination of both offers innovative ways of increasing operational efficiency while at the same time improving customer loyalty and relationships. Your specific benefits in Output Management include:

  • Greater economy through reduced operational, production and distribution costs
  • Removing of organisational bottlenecks
  • Proactive managing and monitoring of customer communications
  • Print optimisation and high quality white paper solutions
  • Fast response to regulatory compliance (Finma Testate) changes
  • Reduced environmental impact

Customer testimonials

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    At Stena Line we believe it is important to invest money into providing value-added IT services for our customers. In order for us to take our billing services to the next level it was important that we chose a provider who could cater for our needs, by listening and developing a solution that was right for us – and that’s exactly what Swiss Post Solutions has done.

    Freight Commercial Manager, Stena Line UK&I

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